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At last, an airport an Brasov! Now we have a way to fly. A dream comes true.


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Works begin on the Brasov-Ghimbav international airport

Apr 27, 2013 by Levente |
24 aprilie 2013
After several years of political fights, numerous public tenders and disputes, works on the runway of the future Brasov-Ghimbav International Airport near Brasov, central Romania.

Aristotel Cancescu, the president of the Brasov County Council, said that this is for the second time when authorities begin works on the site after lack of finance triggered by the economic crisis put the project on hold in 2008.

Next steps to be taken

Sep 06, 2009 by Uwe |
Until the end of this week, Braşov County Council was supposed to sign the contract with BCR (Romanian Bank of Commerce) for it's part (14 million euro) of cofinancing International Airport “Braşov – Ghimbav”. This information was handed out by the president of Braşov County Council, Aristotel Căncescu on September 1st, 2009.
After signing this contract, the rest of the money from the other banks will be also released.
Mr. Căncescu regrets the delays, which he states were caused by some members of PDL party members from Braşov and the government who opposed this project with the utmost power.
Representatives of "Intelcan", the canadian company who will be in charge of building the airport, are supposed to come to Braşov next week to set up the last technical and organizational details.

Construction to start in september

Sep 05, 2009 by Uwe |
This year, in september (that is to say in a few days), the construction of the International Airport Braşov – Ghimbav will start.
This information was published by the president of Braşov County Council, Aristotel Căncescu. He said that, despite of all the obstacles which were tried to be set up by all means by some local and central political leaders of PDL party, to prevent the project initiated by the county council, the airport will be ready in march 2011. "Representatives of the canadian company Intelcan, which will build this airport, announced that works will be finished not after 30 months, date which was stated as an orientation for such a work, but in 18 months. This means that works which will start in september, will be ready in 2011, in spring." said Căncescu.

The consortium of London based banks approved to finance the construction of the International Airport Braşov – Ghimbav with 87 million euros. The part of cofinancing from Braşov County Council is 14 million euros and the money will be obtained through a bank credit, probably from BCR (Romanian Bank of Commerce), stated Căncescu.

The value of the airports project will be little more than 100 million euros.
The airport from Braşov county will be bigger than those from Constanţa and Timişoara and will be built by canadian company Intelcan. The expanse of the airport will be 270 hectare, while the terminal will fill 10.000 sqm. and the runway will be 2.600 m long.

The airport is estimated to have a capacity of 400 passengers per hour and 2 million per year, as well as a capacity of 6.000 tons of freight per hour.

Bill On Brasov-Ghimbav Airport To Be Reconsidered Next Week

Apr 24, 2009 by Levente |
    MPs of the PNL, UDMR and PSD left the Parliament session upon the vote on the bill endorsing Government Emergency Ordinance no. 41/2007 regulating the transfer of 200 hectares from State property and the administration of the National Research - Development Institute for Potatoes and Sugar Beet - Brasov to Brasov County property and the administration of the Brasov County Council. The land would be used for the construction of the Brasov - Ghimbav International Airport.

     Ioan Oltean MP (PD-L), who chaired the session, maintained the decision passed on Tuesday by Roberta Anastase MP, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, to have the relevant committee re-examine the bill and make a new report, as per the provisions of Art. 109 of the Chamber of Deputies Regulations. MPs representing other parties regarded this move as an abuse and left the session in protest. Under these circumstances, the vote was postponed for next week as quorum was not possible with only 107 MPs. Read More...

Ground-breaking ceremony

Apr 15, 2008 by Uwe |
Today, April 15th 2008, at 12:00 PM the start of the airport construction was celebrated.
Please refer to the romanian version of this website for pictures taken today at the construction site.

It is estimated that the airport will be ready after 36 months.


Apr 06, 2008 by Uwe |
Construction of the airport will really start on 15th of April.

The official start will be in Ghimbav, on a place of the building plant (where the organization office will be placed) close to IAR.
Several officials from government, Brasov, Covana, Ghimbav and Harghita will be invited.

In a few days the effective construction of the airport will start

Apr 04, 2008 by Uwe |
Independent county counsellor Iancu Vespasian announced yesterday the building start at the International Airport Braşov - Ghimbav for April 15th. Canadian company Intelcan, winner of the auction for the airport construction, succeeded with the financing for the whole project, a few banks showing big interest to grant the necessary funds, rising to about 100 million Euros. "Mr. Căncescu (president of Braşov County Council) announced already the beginning of construction on the 15th of April. It is really pleasant that from this moment works won't stop", declared Iancu Vespasian. At the moment there is only a part of the ground changes with some owners in the area to be solved.

Cristina BAILA

The properties of some Ghimbav citizens will be affected by the airport

Mar 13, 2008 by Uwe |
The county administration started to regulate the juridical situation of the properties, which will be affected by the construction of
Brasov Airport.

The president of the investitions monitoring commission, county counseller Iancu Vespasian has visited Ghimbav a few days ago, for discussing with the owners of some properties, which are situated close to the future investition. Vespasian proposed to the people of Ghimbav a change of ground in the area of the accessway to the airport. Some of the owners asked for an integral change of their properties situated in the area or to be recompensed in money, request which has been refused. In the opinion of Ghimbav local counseller Ion Spinean, "the change is advantageous, both areas having the same classification and the same market value". Spinean recommended the people of Ghimbav not to sell their properties, because they don't have anything to lose. The most favoured by the property exchange will be the shepherd which has a house and a sheep farm on the ground, affected by the airport, the shepherd going to get not only another ground, but also money compensation for the building, as he is asking for 300.000 Euro.


Jan 22, 2008 by Uwe |
"AEROPORTUL INTERNATIONAL BRASOV GHIMBAV" corporation announced the convocation of the extraordinary general meeting of its shareholders on February 22nd, 2008 at 11:00 AM, at Brasov City Council, room 120, with the following points of the agenda:
- the transformation of "AIBG" corporation to a project company
- the information of the shareholders regarding the activities of Brasov City Council and Intelcan in the period between the last general assembly and today
- program of actions presented by Brasov CC and Intelcan
- diverse themes

In case the quorum is not present, the assembly will be held on February, 23rd 2008.

The airport will be realized

Jan 06, 2008 by Uwe |
An end of year report from Braşov County Council regarding the airport.
This year (2007), the project of Braşov - Ghimbav International Airport made three crucial steps towards its realization. The demarches
from County Council president Aristotel Căncescu and the comission, designated to implement this project, have shown results.
Never has this project been this far, although talks about building an airport in Braşov began 18 years ago
The big success of the project has been the registration of 200 hectares of ground by the County Council in Ghimbav, where the airport will be built. This ground was transferred from the property of the Country Domains Agency to that of Braşov county. The second major event has been the visit at Braşov of some prestigious international banks representatives, who wanted to be informed abou the actual, real situation of the project and to what extent the initiators are able of finalizing it. Depending on the impressions they had during their stay in Braşov, they expressed credit offers for the airport construction. And also this year, the auction for the projection, construction and operation of the future airport has found the canadian company Intelcan as the winner.
According to the estimations, the direct investition will be about 80 million euro, and the indirect one, including all costs, comes close to 98 million euro. The invested money will amortize in eight years, with a grace period of six months from the operational start of the airport.