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Oct 19, 2007:
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At last, an airport an Brasov! Now we have a way to fly. A dream comes true.


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Construction to start in september

Sep 05, 2009 by Uwe
This year, in september (that is to say in a few days), the construction of the International Airport Braşov – Ghimbav will start.
This information was published by the president of Braşov County Council, Aristotel Căncescu. He said that, despite of all the obstacles which were tried to be set up by all means by some local and central political leaders of PDL party, to prevent the project initiated by the county council, the airport will be ready in march 2011. "Representatives of the canadian company Intelcan, which will build this airport, announced that works will be finished not after 30 months, date which was stated as an orientation for such a work, but in 18 months. This means that works which will start in september, will be ready in 2011, in spring." said Căncescu.

The consortium of London based banks approved to finance the construction of the International Airport Braşov – Ghimbav with 87 million euros. The part of cofinancing from Braşov County Council is 14 million euros and the money will be obtained through a bank credit, probably from BCR (Romanian Bank of Commerce), stated Căncescu.

The value of the airports project will be little more than 100 million euros.
The airport from Braşov county will be bigger than those from Constanţa and Timişoara and will be built by canadian company Intelcan. The expanse of the airport will be 270 hectare, while the terminal will fill 10.000 sqm. and the runway will be 2.600 m long.

The airport is estimated to have a capacity of 400 passengers per hour and 2 million per year, as well as a capacity of 6.000 tons of freight per hour.


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