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Oct 19, 2007:
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At last, an airport an Brasov! Now we have a way to fly. A dream comes true.


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(Oct 19, 2007)

The airport will be realized

Jan 06, 2008 by Uwe
An end of year report from Braşov County Council regarding the airport.
This year (2007), the project of Braşov - Ghimbav International Airport made three crucial steps towards its realization. The demarches
from County Council president Aristotel Căncescu and the comission, designated to implement this project, have shown results.
Never has this project been this far, although talks about building an airport in Braşov began 18 years ago
The big success of the project has been the registration of 200 hectares of ground by the County Council in Ghimbav, where the airport will be built. This ground was transferred from the property of the Country Domains Agency to that of Braşov county. The second major event has been the visit at Braşov of some prestigious international banks representatives, who wanted to be informed abou the actual, real situation of the project and to what extent the initiators are able of finalizing it. Depending on the impressions they had during their stay in Braşov, they expressed credit offers for the airport construction. And also this year, the auction for the projection, construction and operation of the future airport has found the canadian company Intelcan as the winner.
According to the estimations, the direct investition will be about 80 million euro, and the indirect one, including all costs, comes close to 98 million euro. The invested money will amortize in eight years, with a grace period of six months from the operational start of the airport.


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