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Oct 19, 2007:
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At last, an airport an Brasov! Now we have a way to fly. A dream comes true.


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(Oct 19, 2007)

Tough with the airport...

Nov 16, 2007 by Uwe |
If it wouldn't have been about a private investition, Braşov airport could have been ready for long, thinks Ronald Weissberger, owner of Intelcan, who is going to build the airport together with Braşov County Council. "It would have been much easyer if the airport would have been a private project, that is to say we would have bought the ground and came with money for the investition.But we were late 9 months for signing the necessary documents for receiving the land or for other agreements. We forwarded letters to 46 financial groups and the majority of the answers contained over 40 conditions for receiving the funding, one of the most important of them being that the premises should be the property of the society which is going to operate the airport", says Weissberger.

The president of Braşov County Council, Aristotel Căncescu, said that "in the last three months we really made a progress - now we do have the land, the funding, which will come next week, and also a head of the project, who recently finalized the project of modernisation and extension of Ottawa International Airport". He also stated that the airport project is late, especially as the start for the realisation of an airport in the occident and the effective works take between five and ten years. Under these conditions, Căncescu notes that the first construction works for the airport realisation might already start this year, "even if we only fence in the lot".

Money for the road to Braşov Airport

Nov 12, 2007 by Uwe |
Braşov City Council will meet in an extraordinary meeting on November 12th, 2007, at 11.00 am, room 120. The decision project regarding the allocation of 400.000 lei to Ghimbav city (for the support of the local development program) will be -between others - discussed and approved. It's aim is the repair of the access roads to the International Airport Braşov - Ghimbav.

Two banks interested in financing the project

Sep 28, 2007 by Uwe |
Representatives of some western european banks visited Braşov for assuring the projects viability

The project of the international airport Braşov - Ghimbav has made another step towards its realization.
Representatives of five international banks came in groups of two consortiums to Braşov County Council, in order to be informed about the actual situation of the project and to what extent the initiators of the project will bring it to a favourable issue. Depending of the impressions they got during their stay in Braşov, the banks representatives will express in the near future credit offers for the building of the airport.
The representatives of the financial institutes spent two days in Braşov, invited by the management of Intelcan, the initiatior of the project, and the financial consultant, EMG Finance. It should be specified that London based EMG is an old partner of Intelcan and was also in charge for structuring the financial part of the airport building project.
EMGs specialists are financial consultants of Intelcan. They contacted banks, requested financing proposals and lead preliminary negociations.